The Water Journey Begins: links between Water and a Ph.D.

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This piece was originally written on August 8 2015 on

For me, the Ph.D. journey very much resembles the resource that I work with – water.  At times, the journey meanders at varying speeds, through the landscape with no obstacles in the way.  At other times, the journey can be interrupted and detours need to be taken away from what seems like the ideal path.  Just as water can be abstracted and stored, so can research plans be delayed and altered.  No single ideal flow path exisst given the influence of so many other external factors.  The water in the hydrological cycle is continuously circulated in various forms no matter what obstacles come in its way.  Even when in storage, it serves a purpose and will eventually one day continue its flow.  Albeit operating at a different time-scale, the Ph.D. process also has to continue no matter what challenges, big or small, may be faced.  The drops in the water cycle and the words of the thesis manuscript slowly but steadily make up the story of an interesting journey.  Whereas writer’s block can be compared to that of a drought, so type-binging can resemble flooding.  They all have disastrous consequences.  Indeed, as a somewhat broad view of  Integrated Water Resources Management would have us try to achieve, the key to managing all interventions is a balanced approach which minimises their negative effects.

I have decided to start The Water Journey with the dual purpose of sharing my work and commentary on water issues, but also to share my experiences of undertaking a Ph.D. in Sustainable Water Resources & Policy.  Although, I have been passionately engaged in research on water policy and international development for a few years, it is only really now that the ongoing lessons that I have learnt from undertaking Doctoral Research has invited reflections as to why and how it is that I have come to work with the particular resource of water.  Thus, The Water Journey is a combined topical and personal blog of a Young Water Researcher and invites other researchers or lover of water to join and contribute with their experiences and opinions.

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